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An enquiry from the bewitched



From London International game festival 2007


An oracle reply to an enquiry by way of anagramming the questions themselves.




I. How can a bewitchment be distinguished from a natural defect?

With a tomb wend
bide chance a guise
his tender factual form


II. Can witches hebetate the powers of generation or obstruct the enereal act?

Retch to a beaten chest in peace
e tow the verbal crust
nto the fearing ores


III. By what manner do they change men into the shapes of beasts?

Harpy moth
an genesis
he watchmen bathes
n eye of sand
The wasp that nests by the brainfeast do hang men!


IV. How are they transported from place to place?

Castrated crone
at thy pale rope
Plead women teleporters at factory reach


V. What is to be thought of wolves which sometimes seize and eat men

nd children out of their cradles?
A heraldic rest mazed with uncoiled froth
he hottest of echoes
ignited nemesis
lown awash


VI. Why is superstition chiefly found in women?

Hominoid I
he cleft is spun
n snowy fury

Stun my white inch, so fit, wise fool up yonder





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