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Robert Lindroth


from Automatism, the little notebook of unexpected directions





Tuesday, January 1, 2008

...the burgeoning mimesis contains a miniature slightly dented divining rod for solem resuscitation in the invaginated nerve centers of pink children a composite projection in every strata reality holding the pink childrens elongated fingers atop the externally elongated rectus of a bitter satyriastic mantichora!
...once an intra-emetic earth lizard in the extraneous puzzle once the impulsive gaze blatantly used for egoistical purposes eliminate symbolic protrusions of glass fibers uncoordinated eyes to enter as streaks of light and illuminate the fishskins deep from within the mapari-rhomb-brains!
...as the mole he will go into those mental concepts like the perverted dear venus of spores the godmother of flesh who remains in the vision even when the intoxication is gone she incinerates the eggs they mimic to conceive slumped solidity in conspicuous mastiff-organs their lips lips circulates in puppet particularly sensitive mandibul-cord fingers in embryonic igneous the anus of your flower massages to form an elastic labium from the inside to relax them as the petal muscle of pain is inserted into the amid septa the orbicularis oris and thus exists in a par thalamus it is even harder this base-matter of our bodies!
... let us devour some heterogeneous elements univocally a combination of rhiza-growth and bitter uremia to increase the problem implemented along this gridiron path on our collective journey through no vacuity gridded all over the internal spaces the noise-massage signifies the protracted translucent in its un-translatable meta-textual illumination:
"The interior finger was once a little doll, a root, a nimbus cloud, a psycophant lost in saturnalian satyriasis elongated in narrow haah haah haaahs..."!

...with its chignons intact the cherubic way the celestial arcane the labium arcanum the mysteries of the lip must envelop all things in visible garments and spoken garments ready to be revealed by the mystical intuition mutating molecules of an invaginated drosophilian mind it forms an invisible line across existences as all this negative matter with an absolute divergence henceforth all desires are exploitable!

... from the buddhist temple in dhama pali to little nemo in dreamland a diaphanous structure will be woven astringent and worldly proclaiming the vis inertia of civilized man to delineate methods of lucid wakefulness to document the less known workings of this draconian called the drosophilian mind here then is the totality of the fusional attributes of mind as well as the continuum that fixes the single substance talked about as time to the externally evoked trepidation named space the meandering ruptured contemplation the masks of the tremulous conclave dead being disciplined being stuffed in holes in clouds of flesh!
... touch the uvula through those mildew stained nostrils as a gust of air ventilate the vastness of the vessel the vagina of the lamb naked but full of circuits and oils to change the direction of the lipid sound massage at this point into a flux of smallpox on the brain a virus virtual in the mind or a girder full of vermin perhaps that slip out from under the occult palm of the revealed maladroit sephirot maiden dressed in silk pink fish skin!

...rotate her head regularly without changing the angle of time meanwhile space in the conclave called the palate cave operates along a bone-white casing of energetic parallels a multitude of holes out of which the chaotic puppet body will resurrect as the coral serpent over the crowd a prominence of concordance as the single bifurcating elevation that will bring to the living the solitude of the dead the angst of a palpable substance which stems in the hyaline waters where the body black may grow old as its transcendence widens its orbit expand and then when it beholds the universe pluvial when this ever increasing membrane of flesh human flesh gathering its fragments into en ever enlarging mass as it was once nurtured in the womb of Sol it will not even be a memory!

... here in the estotilandian necropolis of decaying words decaying as an absolute ruler of artificial conditions pink children will reproduce to develop a common species known to the automaton as 'e-mobile persons!
Is the future unseen?



Tuesday, March 6, 2007








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