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Mattias Forshage






(Trying hard to stick to elaborating a few methodological principles in the midst of the forceful wordflow they produced, a warm day in the polar exhibition of the natural history museum, june 1991)

A. Problem determination

Long live the beam captains without albatross representatives. A variable rotation of sound
a stone like toothbrush and if we all together do not stumble in blue spruces
maintain playing threads and fill the decision; what irony if one were to smoke afterwards,
as Rimbaud, or ram-bow, water level is filled with smoke basic formulae

As echinoderms whispered through the visit glasses where one was wandering
onion on and on until the attempts were filled with smoke a style shaping move
cannonades were heard and the well-shaped sorrow spools of the future rolling
towards the labyrinth as the garden swarm disappeared from the furniture factory

The differences of drugs make noise in the fragrant thermometers of the fish balance
like shadow tracks where the bottleneck is not touched mind the nonsense light
heroism and grenade cores splattered leaves of reed about
and the reed thieves in bird suits to expose rain on the beaches

Put the waiting time in the newspaper box and the food wars in february
a sanguinian outlaw a worn and haggard meritorious gift
the carving of today is carefully ravaged by mayflies pipe filling
and desert calls to modern shouting about chamaeleons

Half of them counted as the plastic funnel model in the heart of a bottle of wine
as hospital pictures dance steps in the stairs of the ice barrier
the exquisite shoe box that places cheese cubes on the drawbridge
o that one didnít get them along to the erection of barricades

Priority of interpretation was given to the albatross-ravaged flying corpse
a vegetarian death trap adamant sailing of storms of spices
sweept to pieces by pollen and evildoers falkland islands
an everyday protest cloud open plate of sour milk

The deciduous forest walk of the shy heart
drinking books one after the other the blanket was dying
false horns of onyx in the waists of the tiger worlds
one wishes those who parody that style a considerable mass murder


B. The expedition to the south

Every day the felt hats confined unto themselves in outstretched drowse
were scratched on the surface with an eye stone a submarine chain
the scripture of the day was sharpening the crystal water bloodflow at eye level
the contributions from paintstained volcano islands in the ravines of morality

For it was only whispering that one discussed the metallic problems in the veins
where the surgical operations of the rock islands had been black explosions
in the corner of the eye turtle murder and serpentine palm leaves
gravely the casting of the face these barren fires

Once more the bagsnatchers of the waves attacked the morning of the storms
and the romantic works from the wingbeats of frigatebirds
painting fine ink lines of blood on the skin cloak of the fog
and their throat sacks glitter like snakes lanterns of toads and forest fires

The rainy nights would puncture them with spears of terns
like ghosts from the skeletons of rock ponds labyrinth paths
among the nets of lightnings the albatrosses crawl shading other insects
like dolphins storm petrels horsedrawn cabs and mirages

Garrulous parachute men in stupid mobiles towards the horizon
towards the newly awaken springboards of the trembling horizon
the wedge-shaped expeditions of the antipodes traduce against the wind
in the wingfields of the bowsprit beat against eardrums and nipples the first iceberg

Or soapslippery fatigue of spring in the strategic proposals of the ocean currents
thereupon a flock of penguins and fruit trees
welldressed shipwreckers rapacious steel constructions whale vertebrae
provoked against the short stories of the log book sing in the ice

The ice barriers calve it is the show of the acupuncture needles
growing eagerness the backwater of the starving warning texts
through the penguin rookeries of aggressive little trees dinosaur statues
rolling sea of screaming rune carvers stubborn children

And the attacks of the skuas and giant petrels grave domestic animals
flag poles and air sculptures of gothic memories
among other playful shadows of icefloe catastrophes warmly
and the perspectives inhalation of the endless polar plateau

C. Epistemology

Hammerblows the belltowers of changes in temperature in the back
whale singing distracted sunshine in the eye glasses of the desert text
and the countermove of the chicks terminologies of shipwreck
collecting clothes of quartz the flavorings of the wreckage

Collecting bird names like bottle labels glued along the back
makes the expeditioner a semi-opaque bottle to taste luminous fluids
in intoxication quiet pondering ravaging tranquility albatross flight
drops of moss sherds of dream vessels standard-bearing fervour falling in love

For the pattern that the plumb line of the aggressive trees form with the directions of the ice
and the messages of the dreams set out along the backwater of the expedition
against the excited horizon of expectation and the political economy
in relation to the course of events expressed in chess coordinates

taken together form a strange map of libidinous fantasies antarctic wisdom
and storms to come along the organic ruin beaches
so that the enthusiastic lists of species become a romantic exchange of letters with that which will be
and the dancing movements a glacier-like logic

Filter the dumps and discover the sediments of shipwreck in the moors
where the wet footprints are wingbeats of turtles
and the sleigh rides of the joint singing around the tropical circles
before the polar night dinner of maritime clarity

And the labyrinths are not only the fruitful witchrings of the crosswords
when the boat-rides of the charades are sinked rootstocks bird quays
the glaciers are monstrously beautiful, sparkling, semi-opaque, implacably forthgushing
until they are sublimated or give birth to the monumental sculptures of the sea

The blood of an iceberg the smoke of a bird rock
the iceflows of catalogs the poems of carcasses
the field of vision of the figureheads shaped like nudibranchs in coral reefs
and the roots systems of the krill swarms the flight tales of albatrosses





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