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Emma Lundenmark


 Imaginary language 

from Khastezi, translation Mattias Forshage




Below follows EL’s poems on imaginary language, then her intuitive translation into Swedish, then Mattias Forshage’s translation from imaginary language into English fonetically, then  intuitive by MF, then EL’s translation into English by MF.




dukrasch tei  mei ton

zçha veta   sovra

dah theirt



som omlopp följer   i näven
ser nervernas åra

leder tingen sömnlikt

såsom benen i jord



duck rash tray may tune
near your honor
char wheat of saw rug
dark fate



mud crashed in me tone
down into the a:s
snow crust knows sifts
day says it



as circulation follows
in the fist
sees the oar of nerves

leads objects sleeplike

as bones (legs) in earth





yavrekast onya
dzçechte mahkann

menya levtzi  a

yohn  thevre mi



aningar den tunga dimman
läggar an under strykande sot

synvilla  det lena nära
öppna vindrummens mitt



overcast on you
dreaded merchant
men you left to sear
yonder vermin



ever new throws of oat
extinguished the wife
but new lessons are
in the creak we wander



premonitions the heavy fog
levels under smearing soot

optical illusion the soft near
open (the) middle of attic rooms





vensani tzcha fer

miinya vou hanti
doumni thei

veith  han



ledd av syn  att släppa färg

letar utan fingrar spänner lår
vet du vad de heter   som åskan i en flöjt

(längtan känner sina blå händer)

tidens utsläpp

(älska den häst som minns
nyckelns placering över gallergömman)



when sunny chars fear
me in your vow hunting
dorming in they
wait hon



who did you say was to be for you
my faces  were angular
you stupid you, you
does he know



guided by sight
letting color go

searching without fingers straining thighs
do you know their names
as thunder in a flute

(longing feels its blue hands)

pollution of time

(love the horse that remembers
the placement of the key over the grating hideout)







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